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There are some hard days in your life but then your Goddess comes across your way and makes you life easy and satisfaying again. The power and control i have over you. It makes your life som much more easy and enjoyable. Just stare at my irresistable Body, those sexy curves that making it easy to relax, relax for your Goddess. Look at my long legs, round ass, sexy tits, sweet face, all those assets that made you so weak for me. You just want resist as it gives what you need everytime. I exactly know how to make it easy again. Just give in, dont try to resist, you cant at the end anyway. When looking at my body you just forget everythin, everthing negative is just gone in the moment you start staring at me and listen to my sexy voice. You gonna be so hard for me and im gonna give you release this time. To get rid off all of that negative in your life. When we are done you will feel completly relaxed and good. Thank your Goddess for making your life easy, enjoyable and exciting. What would you do without me? Thats what you will be asking yourself after this.