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Madam President Cleo

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Letzte Aktivität 14.08.2022 12:46 Uhr
Aktualisiert 06.08.2022 14:26 Uhr
Angemeldet 29.07.2020 23:13 Uhr
Madam President Cleo's Store (Listen-Ansicht)

You are so fascinated about me because I'm beautiful, cute, sexy and feminine.
You're mesmerised by my confident and bratty attitude.

Are you jealous that everyone wants me?
Are you jealous when men turn around their heads or stop and stare at me.

You wish you could be as pretty and stunning as me huh? You wish you could get the same attention from men too.

But for now you are just a little piggyboy with a clitdick and I'm a goddess.
Good for you that I'll teach you how to become a pretty girl.

First lesson is how to wear cute satin Outfits to impress a real man. Look how good I look in those Outfits. Watch me and follow my example.

Sissy, humiliation, belustigung, sph, cumcontrol, chastity, sklave, aufgabe

Feminisierung, Satin Fetisch, Erniedrigung,

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