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Forget about thinking, forget about resisting! I know you like the thought of me making you my possession, just using you. Forcing you to be available for any of my lust. How I plan on making this reality? I have a very odd talent that grants me a direct entrance into your little birdbrain.

„Not many men find their way here and the ones that do, I usually won`t let go anymore.“ ... „I want you to get me right: I will sit down on your face and you will eat me.“

You taste her wonderful pubic and try to put your tongue deeper inside her to taste even more of her, as you continue jerking yourself. It makes you horny to finally be a slave. It turns you on to submit to your mistress and her words and to know that she is not only going to fuck your body, but also your mind – it`ll be a true mindfuck. Yes it`s going to be your mindfuck, slave, and you won`t be able to fight it. After that, a single word will be enough to make you forget any resistance...

Suggestions: time travel, forcing your devotion, cunnilingus, intra-orgasm with countdown, installation of the slavetime-trigger (3 hours completely limp), post-orgasm

Trigger: For an even more intense experience get „SLEEP FOR ME!“ and „MINDFUCK – YOUR SOULFUCK“ first.

reell, sexslave, audio, femdom, findom, mindfuck, brainfuck, suggestion, trigger, mind, soul, installation, arousal, fetish, inner cinema, codeword, devotion, fantasy, orgasm, forcing, hyp, time travel, mesmerize, devotion, limp, cunnilingus, oral interco

Femdom Sex, Mind Fuck, Psychologische Dominanz,

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