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Did you think I was done with you after three rounds? You know, I want to let your account bleed properly and bring the lust in you to the boil. You haven't had enough yet, because the really hard fuck that will really destroy your cash cunt brain is still to come. But of course I won't leave it at that - today I'll give it to you hard, because you also pay for my hotel stay in the 5 star luxury resort with all inclusive. 700 fat euros are going from your account to mine and will make me smile. You love being used by me... and your cashorgasm after this great fuck will be a very special one. Press buy!

English, Paypig, Findom, RipOff, Madame Svea, Ass Addict, Ass Fetish

Financial Domination, Rip Off, FinDom,

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