Bewertung / Auszeichnungen
Über mich
Before dawn you wake up trembling, feeling like a used ashtray. Your wallet is experiencing a draft of disastrous proportions. Lately it's been nothing but a temporary holding spot for redirecting cash to its rightful owner. One glance at the clock sobers you up. You have to hurry to work. You wonder if you can afford lunch today. Or this month.

It feels unfair. It feels hard. Can you keep going? Just then, a new message arrives. The Goddess is posing by her new car, in boots that seem to go on forever. Something in the corner of her smile overthrows all your pathetic doubts. So effortlessly she commands your attention. How she sweet-talks your worries away. In seconds, you find yourself kneeling in worship at Her altar.

With an almost vulgar pride she displays the luxury and decadence of her lifestyle, provided for by your hard work. This is your lowest point. You feel the sole of her boot pressing hard on your neck. At the same time, it gives your existence meaning. It is what will keep you going through the day. You're useful to her, as long as you can pay.

Maybe it's just a game to her. She looks like she's just playing, laughing at your many inadequacies. But is it going to be a game for you, when your empty wallet can't buy food? Is it still a game then?

This is what it means to be my creature.

I am the weaver of fantasies that come true from your deepest needs. How many layers will you uncover? Will you sink beyond a simple wallet rape into deeper servitude? Will you overcome the fears that keep you watching from the sidelines? How much of me do you dare discover?

When you write to me, describe all the ways in which you wish to serve me. I am not entirely without mercy, and I am not completely cold. An insight into my mind is an expensive thing to gain, and not many will be so honored.

Who am I?
In my early thirties, I am a highly skilled professional in an IT-related field (CGI). I've had years of experience as a lifestyle Dominant, and do this for my pleasure. I'm a voracious reader, a creatively vibrant mind and a talented musician. I sing and play various instruments. I've been told that the sound of my voice is enthralling on its own. Oh, I love to play chess. And Dota2. My interests are varied. My first experience with a computer was at 5 years old, and I taught myself the basics of programming around fourth grade. I speak several foreign languages, English among them.

No. You are not my equal.
Geschlecht weiblich
Alter 37
Beziehung single
Herkunftsland Deutschland
Stadt ...
Haarfarbe brünette
Augenfarbe braun
Statur durchschnittlich
Körpergröße 167 cm
Schuhgröße 39,5
Neigungen und Fetische
Dominant ja
Switcher nein
Cuckolding nein
Sadist ja
Masochist nein
Fußfetisch ja
Schuhfetisch ja
Toilettenerziehung nein
Realtreffen ja
Schuldscheine ja
Blackmail ja
Gebrauchsgegenstände ja
Toys ja
Keuschheitsversklavung ja
Infos zu meiner Person
Was ich mag:

Manipulation. Blackmail. Human ATM. Kontrolle.
Amazon Geschenkgutscheine.

Skype ID: frederica.amada

Was ich nicht mag:

Ein sklave, der nicht mehr als 100€ pro Woche für mich ausgeben kann.
Dumme, transparente Ausreden.
Respektlosigkeit von sklaven. Du bist ein sklave, verhältst dich entsprechend. Wenn du einen Einwand hast, sagst du es höflich und mit Respekt.

Ich bin interessiert an:

Dein nutzloses Leben zu ändern.
Von lächerlichen Nutzen für mich sein.
Zu erpressen und unter starken Druck setzen.